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The owner of this rental property saved several hundred dollars by having a handyman rewire this house as a "Side Job" on a weekend. 

The result?

  • A plumber had recently replaced all the piping with PVC, which removed the cold water ground from the structure.

  • The weekend warrior decided that since the plumbing was plastic, that meant the house probably didn't need a ground.

  • The handyman went home with a roll of cash in his pocket.

  • The property owner saved a few bucks and got a job with:
    - NO liability insurance
    - NO warranty
    - NO performance bond

Then, when the first good Texas Storm blew through, a falling branch shorted out one leg onto the weather-head and broke the neutral. The broken power line had no earth ground to follow. So, it traveled down the weather stem to the aluminum siding where it found a path to ground twenty feet around the corner of the house, setting fire to the outside wall of the house and shocking the neighbor who attempted to put out the fire with a water hose.

The good news is no one was seriously hurt, and the house was vacant at the time.

Unfortunately, he had to pay us to have our partner electricians install a $13 ground rod and repair the service connection.  


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